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36 Mindful Questions To Ask Before, During + After Eating

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Below are some questions I have collected throughout the web-universe for you to ponder before, during and after eating to help you better reflect on your relationship with food. Keep in mind that you don't need to use all of them at once, or at all. Use only the questions that really speak to you and your circumstance.


  1. Am I hungry? or bored?

  2. Is this eye, nose or heart hunger?

  3. Do I need to be nourished or nurtured right now?

  4. Use the H.A.L.T  method || Am I ….. Hungry Angry/Anxious Lonely or Tired?

  5. What am I not wanting to do/feel right now?

    1. What am I avoiding?

  6. This is a difficult moment, what do really I need?

  7. What would be more satisfying than food right now?

  8. What can I do other than eat right now?

  9. What will eating this food do for me?

  10. How will I feel if I don't eat this?

  11. How did I feel when I ate it last time?

  12. Where does this food come from?

  13. Is the food I am about to consume locally sourced?


  1. Could I delay eating this?

  2. Am I eating out of hunger or habit?

  3. Do I really, really, want this?

  4. I can eat this if I want to, but can I delay for a bit?

  5. Is this the right portion size for me?

  6. (While at a buffet) How much will be enough?

  7. Why am I eating this?

  8. Is this enjoyable?

  9. Am I eating slowly, chewing each bite?

  10. Am I tasting each bite before reaching for the next?

  11. Am I thinking about how nourishing food is for my body?

  12. Am I currently multi-tasking while I eat?

  13. Am I zoning out while eating?

  14. Am I full?

  15. Am I able to leave some food on my plate if I don’t want it?

  16. Am I “picking” at my food?


  1. How do I feel after eating this?

  2. Am I being non-judgmental about my choices when I accidentally overeat?

  3. Can I forgive myself if I ate something because I am tired, frustrated, and/or lonely?

  4. What else can I do next time to transition from one task to another?

  5. Did I attempt to provide a variety of colours, textures, flavours and food groups in my last meal for myself without using "bad" foods?

  6. Did I approach my food-decisions emotionally, passively, culturally, medicinally, or a mixture today?

....annnnnnnd here's a FREE cheat sheet you can pin to your Pinterest board! Enjoy. :)


Posts I Read While Researching

NOTE: I am not a practising healer or specialist in this field - I am learning as I research more into these topics. If you have any more information please feel free to share in the comments below. :)

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