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Dusty Rose Wedding Palette

Once in a while, I write for other blogs. I love sharing my knowledge about the beauty + charm in all forms of design. Below is a post I wrote about wedding design for Nóbl Events on their blog The Nóbl Journal.


One of the best wedding colour trend this year is Dusty Rose. It is such a lovely and timeless colour that you can tie into any season.  This colour can brighten up a rich wedding palette or bring colour into a neutral one. To show off this wonderful colour, I would love to present to you a simple and delicate palette you can use from early spring to late fall. So, if you feel like a light, airy and warm wedding palette is your cup of tea, take a glance at our mood board below!

Nóbl Events does not own the copyright or moral rights of any of the above photographs or works shown within these photographs. We have only collected these photos for inspiration use and encourage everyone to check out our Pinterest Board to gain access to each of these image’s rightful owners!

Notes from the Event Designer


Try to stay away from greenery as much as possible for this wedding palette, you want to keep the warmth of the golds and champagne colours. If you do want to add just a touch of greenery to your centrepieces, make sure they are pale greens, like sage. Really use your gold accents for your decor. Cutlery, plates, chairs, centrepieces, and jewellery are a great way to accent with gold. For extra sparkle add some fairy lights!


Find flowers that have those pale pinks, champagne, and ivory tones in them. Avoid other colours to keep true to the palette. We challenge you to be adventurous & try a dried bouquet that suits this colour palette perfectly & will give it that light, dusty feeling your main colour emotes. Some dried florals with this palette in mind include; white floral buttons, dried thistle, pink phalaris, pink star flowers, pink floral buttons, bleached wheat, natural or bleached bunny tail grass, pink Amaranth, Pampas Grass, bleached stardust gypsophila & dried cotton pods.


Remember that your cake and dessert table are also used to tie in your wedding palette! Hand-painted goodies are always pretty. Accenting with pale pink flowers (preferably flowers that match your bouquet.) and edible gold leaves will complement beautifully. Your cake should help the table breathe but also be a show stopper! I recommend something like the cake above or a naked cake brushed with pale pink and gold accents.


To reflect the light and airy feel of your wedding, your invitation should be simple and elegant. Try an ivory cardstock with gold embossed writing. Choose an envelope in dusty rose to show off your main colour choice. If you want a little extra sparkle, choose a gold inner envelope.


Always put your bridesmaids in your primary colour - in this case, dusty rose. To really bring out the lightness, put them in something free and flowing. Oh and a little lace never hurt anybody. ;)

THE GROOM [+ his men]

A light colour suit, preferably a champagne tone (but a light tan suit will also work) fits perfectly into this palette! If the groom wants to be different then his groomsmen, add a vest and have only the main man wear a bow tie.


Last but certainly not least, the lovely bride. A simple dress (or two) with some lace around the bodice and tulle on the bottom will be the main attraction at the wedding! If you wanted to be a little more adventurous try adding a layer or two of light pink tulle.

To see more examples of this colour palette, check out our Pinterest Board. Click here to learn more about how we can help you with your Wedding Design & Styling


Dusty Rose Palette, Elie.V, Nóbl Journal, Copyright ©2020, Nóbl Events, Nóbl Journal


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