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What Does an Unbalanced Root Chakra Look Like?

In the previous post, we looked at how you can tell if the root chakra is unbalanced based on how you are feeling emotionally. In this post, we look for signs that show up physically. Since the root chakra is rooted in the physical identity, it makes sense to look for physical manifestations of unbalance. The list below showcases some examples....


The overall health and weight of the body are big indicators. One of the main focuses of the root chakra is survival - what we put into our body, how we keep our body safe and how we take care of our body. Being overweight or underweight is a big sign that you are not giving your body the proper care that it needs. Having eating disorders or constant cravings is a sign that the body is not getting it needs to survive.

Skeletal System

The bones are the structure that supports everything in your body. Without it, we would be a formless meatbag. Your tailbone, spine, (lower back pain or Sciatica) and your teeth (oral related diseases) are specific areas to focus on. Degenerative arthritis can also be a sign of an unbalanced root chakra. If left unchecked it can lead to degenerative arthritis.


The biggest organ in the body will show signs of unbalance by the way of acne, varicose veins and other manifestations that can occur because of stress.

Legs + Feet

The lower body is the symbol of your roots - they keep your rooted to the ground. Any knee problems, pain in the lower body, poor blood circulation or restless leg syndrome are all physical signs that there is an unbalanced

Lower Digestive System

Specifically, the large intestine + rectum are things to focus on when trying to find physical signs of an unbalanced root chakra. Issues like haemorrhoids, constipation + diarrhea (IBS) that seem to come out of nowhere could be a sign of physical unbalance.

Immune System

The immune system is a complex network that defends the body against infection. This system is like a cellular army protecting your body. Another root chakra focus is safety and because the immune system keeps your body safe - it is evident why immune-related disorders (that are not genetic) or conditions that affect the immune system like anemia are another sign. Constantly getting colds is a sign that the body is constantly under stress and has a weak immune system as well.

A simple start to fixing these problems in their early stages is to listen and take care of your physical body through food, fitness + cleanliness. Remember: Your body is your personal physical temple and should be treated with care and kindness. Actions have consequences + how you treat yourself - emotionally or physically will affect you if not today then down the road.

NOTE: I believe that science and faith go hand in hand. If you are feeling unwell, take care of yourself by seeing a doctor. Find one that listens to your worries and concerns. They may have more information or the right articles for you to read regarding whatever you are going through.

ALSO NOTE: I did not want to put up certain types of cancers (leukemia, prostate + rectal tumours) that articles and books have mentioned because scientific studies haven't proven what actually causes cancer.

Take care of yourself because you're worth it! ♥️


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Books I Read While Researching

The Ultimate Guide to Chakras by Athena Perrakis PhD

Chakra for Beginners by Michael Williams

Little Book of Chakras by Patricia Mercier

Chakras made Easy by Anodea Judith

Chakra Balance by April Pfender

NOTE: I am not a practising healer or specialist in this field - I am learning as I research more into these topics. If you have any more information please feel free to share in the comments below. :)

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