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7 Things I Learned While Reading About Chakras

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

While on my journey I came across Chakras. The more I read about them, the more fascinated I became. Below are 7 lessons I came to understand while researching this fascinating philosophy.

1. Everything is energy.

"Not only are we in the Universe - the Universe is in us. I don't know of any deeper spiritual feeling than what that brings upon us." - Neil DeGrasse Tyson

"Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics." - Albert Einstien

I am fascinated by science. It unlocks hidden truths of the world. Which is why when I research anything I always try to get the science side first. The most science-based thing in the chakra system is that everything is energy. We are made of it, we use it, we consume it, we can feel it all around us. While science talks about mainly physical energy (physics) - chakras discuss "spiritual energy" or intuitive energy.

Ever interrupt a conversation and feel like you can cut the air with a knife because of the tension? OR how about when you are going to a party NOT in a party mood but then all of a sudden get giddy with excitement when you arrive?

THAT is intuitive energy. In a lot of chakra books and articles, they call this energy prana. A Sanskrit word meaning "breath, considered as a life-giving force." In China, it is known as ch'i and in Ancient Grece as the "vital energy". This energy flows through everything - both animate and inanimate objects.

And this is where science and chakras blur to me. If all matter is made of atoms. And every person, animal and thing are made up of billions and trillions of atoms - and are atoms but microscopic energy balls (my definition lol but they are a source of nuclear energy). So if everything has energy inside and part of them - wouldn't it make sense that not only does it have its own unique energy, it is also connected to the energy of every other animate and inanimate object in the entire universe. So if we are all connected - we are all affected by the energy around us and can also affect the energy around us too.


"You matter - unless you multiply yourself by the speed of light squared - then you energy"

- Neil DeGrasse Tyson

2. It is not a religion - it is a philosophy.

Trying to find out where it originated from the most consistent thing I got was that it started in Ancient India. It was first mentioned in the Vedas, an ancient Hindu text from around 1500 BCE. From there, I have read that in some form or another the idea of healing energy was practised in various cultures and religions throughout the world (I have placed the ones I have come across in my research below - please feel free to look them up and let me know what you find out!).

Which brings me to believe that the concept of chakras is more of a philosophy than a religion. Why? Well let's bring up the definition of both those words:


  1. the belief in and worship of superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

  2. a particular system of faith and worship.

  3. a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.


  1. the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.

  2. a particular system of philosophical thought.

  3. the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience.

  4. a theory or attitude held by a person or organization that acts as a guiding principle for behaviour.

Based on what I have read - chakras are meant to help guide you to understand your energy, the universes energy and your role in said universe. They are not from divine entities meant to be worshipped. People have come across this over many different cultures and in different forms part of multiple religions.

In fact, chakras are very similar to the golden rule ("do unto others as you would have them do unto you"). Many religions and cultures share this idea, they might say it differently or have slightly different ways of explaining it but the underlying message is still there. The charka system is more of an idea and attitude about being a better version of your self and understanding your purpose. Therefore, it is more closely related to a philosophy than a religion.

I think that this is the perfect time to bring up this: my blog posts that discuss the chakras will not focus on the religious aspects of it, more so the philosophical side and if I can - find scientific research to back up. So if you are looking for a more religious take on chakras, you will not find it here.


Hindus, Chinese, Persian, Sufis, Ancient Greeks, Native Americans, Incas, Mayans, Ancient Egyptians


Tibetan Buddhist, Hinduism

3. There are more chakras then the major seven.

The most practised charkas are the main seven seen above but based on what religious or culture you are learning them from there can be up to 28! In Tibetan Buddhism, there are just 5 chakras. Some practices say there are 21 minor chakras in the body.

The western chakra system doesn't just have roots (pun intended) in the Hindu chakra system but also in western psychology and mystics. The 7 major Chakras you know today are actually based off of Sir John Woodroffe translations ( and possible additions) from the Sanskrit text, Carl Jung and his fascination with kundalini yoga and Madame Blavatsky + Charles Webster Leadbeater took it to where the original Indian text to not go before - such as the exploration into the idea of chakras as energy vortices.

4. Chakras can be used for self-improvement and/or self-discovery.

As said in 2. Chakras are meant to help with the understanding of you/your soul. It is often described as a map or blueprint for your journey through life - a map to "full-spectrum living". If this 'map' is used properly, it helps you find your way through your journey and how to live peacefully.

5. Chakras teach you about balance.

So, the main chakra system people study and the one I am focusing on comes from Hindu culture and religion. While Hinduism brings in their gods to explain and understand the chakras further, the essence of the chakra system is about your energy and how to heal the negativity and how to balance it. Each chakra has a role in balancing some aspect of the subtle energies that enter your body. If one chakra is under or overactive, it can mess up your whole balance.

Chakras help teach the art of balancing polarities. Mind and body, above and below, inside and outside, divine feminine and divine masculine, are all examples of such polarities. To favour one over is not a healthy balance and the chakra system is a model to help understand this better. It is a guide for doing what it takes to find and maintain 'wholeness'.

6. Meditation + Yoga are the key elements in Chakra balancing.

There are multiple ways of healing or balancing your Chakras. Foods you eat, herbal teas, reflexology, kinesiology, acupuncture, aromatherapy, reiki, crystals, sound and colours are all things that I have read can help do that. I think that the two most important thing you can do to help heal/balance your chakras are meditation and yoga.

Meditating can help you reflect and concentrate on the things that can help you understand what life changes you need to improve yourself. It can help you focus your energy and connect your mind with your body and spirit.

Yoga from what I understand is a more active form of meditating. It can help you clear your head and feel more centred.

7. Healthy chakras flow.

I have mentioned the word flow at the beginning of how energy flows through everything, so its a bit obvious to say that all of your chakras need to have energy flowing through them properly. So if one of the chakras doesn't allow the energy to flow through, there are going to be problems that come up within you - mental, emotional and physical.

Balanced or opened chakras that allow that flow through, help you better communicate with others, open your heart, feel grounded in the universe and maybe even feel a connection to your belief in high power or the energy around you - kinda like the force in star wars ( but without the superpowers lol)

I am just touching the surface of the chakra system and ever since learning about the flow, I feel like this might be what my main source of this blog will be about - learning about the chakra system and this flow that can help me guide me on my journey.

There are so much more to learn about the chakra system and all it has to offer. I still want to research more about the history. The note section below is where I got some of my information but also some that I haven't yet looked into and thought you, dear reader, might want to look at them too!




The Ultimate Guide to Chakras by Athena Perrakis PhD

Chakra for Beginners by Michael Williams

Little Book of Chakras by Patricia Mercier

Chakras made Easy by Anodea Judith

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